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The world Upside Down

Its time to wake up.

Have you ever wondered that the world is not what it appears to be? That there are some social etiquette rules and even societal collective agreements that don't seem to empower us or uplift us in some ways?

Well ! You are not crazy welcome to the awakening!!!

Even though my first awakening happened 4 years ago, I recently started seeing different cultural patterns that didn't make sense to me. Some behavioral rules that violate self empowerment and even truth. Below I am going to share a "story"about two cousins Maggie and Minerva that explains one of the subjects that I want to share with you and how the "simple choices" that we take can change our lives for ever.

Short story:

Maggie's cousin Minerva sees (in her perception of happiness) that Maggie is unhappy because she doesn't have a partner. So she sets her up with a guy, lets call him Kevin. So Kevin asks Maggie out for dinner, Maggie doesn't want to go out with anyone. She feels comfortable about living by her own, living her own freedom. But says yes because is "the polite thing to do". So Maggie and Kevin end up having dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Maggie hates Chinese food!! But she says it's Ok because is the "polite thing to do".

Then Kevin asks for a bottle of wine (not knowing Maggie doesn't drink) So Maggie ends up sharing a cup of wine because of course is the "polite thing to do". So dinner ends and Kevin takes Maggie home.

On her house footsteps Kev tells Maggie that he had an amazing time that they should definitely get together again and asks Maggie if she would invite him in for a "night cap". Maggie says yes, because is "the polite thing to do"So then Kev holds Maggie's hand and Maggie holds his hand too you know why? "Because is the polite thing to do". So anyhow Kevin tries to kiss Maggie, then Maggie slaps Kevin for initiating something that she does not want. So Kevin enraged tells Maggie "what the h.... I thought we were into each other, you led me on". He leaves her house enraged. And Maggie starts to feel horrible about it so she goes after him. Long story short Maggie ends up marrying Kevin and now lives a very unhappy life with two children she didn't want and every time she looks at the mirror she doesn't recognize herself anymore.

What is the lesson here in case you haven't figured it out. We live in a society has taught us that standing up to ourselves is not polite, but being submissive is the right way to go. That we should believe more "figures of authority" than following our own gut. To trust others but not ourselves, What??!!! Oh yeah. And most importantly is that saying "NO" and stating what we want is almost like a sin.

What I want you to see here is that we've been controlled in a matrix that is structured to enslave humanity in its "perception" of disempowerment. But who is doing that? you may be asking and my answer is: We are!!! This is not about conspiracy theory and victim perpetrator consciousness but about awareness. We live in a world where standing up and speaking our truth (in a respectful loving way) is "disrespectful" to others and that saying what we call little white lies is better than being our most authentic selves. My intention of this post is not about judgement ok, its about awareness of all the junk programming we've learned. We are no victims you guys! You chose to be here on earth, you chose your family and you can choose to create change within yourself. Remember YOU have the power not the outside world. You want to change your current reality, change your thoughts and limiting beliefs, everything you want or need its reachable.


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