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My name is Gabriel.

Welcome to Etheric Grid. 

After the loss of my father and my spiritual awakening in 2017 my life totally changed. I started to meditate more, to connect with my inner wisdom and intuition so I could cope in a healthy way with the trauma of losing my best friend. After meditations I really started to connect with spirit and it showed me through downloads the truth.

We are One. One love one void one light. I then decided to start sharing conscious knowledge with others. So that they could  empower themselves and live the amazing life we all deserve. 

"We will wake up from the slumbers of forgetfulness, we will remember our true divine nature. 

We will rise as ONE voice, ONE heart, ONE LOVE... 

We are not alone, light keeps pouring and pouring over the earth… Our mother has awakened. 

Now it’s our turn to anchor the light.

We are in this together, you are not alone,

Be fearless, be brave, be compassionate with yourself and others. And always remember that love opens the door to heaven on earth". 


 "I love you as I love myself our union goes beyond anything we've seen in this world". 


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