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Who and what are spirit guides?

Let’s start this post by remembering that we actually came here to this world to evolve our consciousness. Earth is one of the biggest and toughest schools in the universe. But also one of the most diverse and beautiful planets in our whole galaxy. So with that been said we came here to learn. Each and every one of us came to learn different things. Maybe you came here to learn about forgiveness, compassion, or even to experience love in different forms. The only person that knows about this amazing plan or what some people call “divine blueprint” is you! Isn’t that cool? And the coolest thing ever is that we came to do that! Learn and of course to share our gifts to the world so we can make it a better place. So whenever you feel trapped in the ego story remember is just a story! Is only part of who you are. You are an infinite divine being that came here to experience earth in a human body. A FREE being that chose to be here. Yep! We all chose it. Sorry guys I don’t honestly think that there’s a big bearded man calling the shots and making us do things that we don't want (thats kind of an earthly human thing). You have always known the truth. And that truth is that you have choice in everything!!! And of course you are no victim of anything or of anyone (I used to blame everyone for my own issues because I was afraid to see what an amazing human being I already am).

Anyways with all that being said. Before coming down to earth from the ether (you are the light). We choose what we will be learning this time around (this time around? Yep its usually not our first rodeo here). We get to choose who our parents will be, our place of birth, our own birthdate, our lessons, sexuality, physical body you name it!! We choose everything. So remember that when denying yourself here on earth you are actually denying YOUR OWN choice (believe me I know plenty about that). So anyhow after all those plannings (not in order) you (your higher self) choose which set of spirit guides will help you navigate your human journey. There are plenty of amazing beings with all types of skillsets. You can choose ancestor, angels, archangels, galactic beings, and of course ascended masters. Depending on what your gifts will be here on earth. I am going to be a little rebel here and I am going to tell you the name of one of my spirit guides…… Spoiler alert I am a writer… Yes!! Archangel Gabriel! Your guess was right. Archangel Gabriel is called the messenger of god. His or her specialty (archangels and angels don’t have a specific gender in my opinion) He is the archangel of communication. It helps writers, reporters, broadcasters, singers, you name it.

Spirit guides in their own essence can be in multiple teams helping a lot of people around the world. Remember space and time are just an illusion. (If you want to do more research on that one I totally recommend you researching, quantum entanglement, and non locality) Any-who they are your personal guardian angels and are with you 24/7. Always watching over you. But there’s a tricky area in here. In the universal laws you are considered a FREE being. That means that no one can interfere unless asked. Your spirit guides are there for you but if you dont ask for help they cannot interfere. Yeah right Gabriel! So if they are real why can I see them? You may be asking yourself. Well (in one of the past posts we already discussed the “light spectrum” visible light etc. This is science, there’s actually no woo woo anything involved) they are in a different frequency bandwidth which if you train yourself and attune to the right frequency you will be able to see them. The feelings you are always going to feel in their presence are high vibrational emotions (love, joy, bliss) and their messages will ALWAYS be encouraging and positive. If you are getting other negative thoughts its probably your ego-mind playing tricks with you.

The intention of this post is to let you know that you are not alone even if you feel like that sometimes. And that the universe/god (which you are a part of) will always help and love you no matter what. So I hope this post help and remember:


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