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The Power of your Beliefs.

Let's begin this post by defining what is a belief. A belief is a statement about reality that you believe it's the truth. So when we look at the source of the beliefs we have to go back to the early stages of parenting. The mind has a conscious creative mind but a subconscious programmed mind. The conscious mind does not go into full operation until after age seven. So the first seven years the mind is in a lower vibrational state called theta. You can actually measure this waves using an EEG (electro encephalograph). The relevance of this theta wave is that it represents imagination which is what kids under the age of seven live in. So theta is imagination and more importantly theta is the equivalent of hypnosis. The relevance about that is, if you think of all the rules an individual must learn to become a functional member of a family and a community. They must be learned through a specific process, you cannot give the infant a book telling them how to act or to survive I mean you can but there are somethings some specific rules of survival that have to be learned in another way. So nature created the first seven years of download hypnosis to observe other people parents, grandparents, siblings, neighbors to observe their behavior and directly download their behavior as a the foundational download of behavior. Once a child is becoming conscious which is around seven, the conscious mind will use that programming to maneuver the world. It is super important to recognize that this is just a program and that most of the programming psychologists have revealed that is negative and disempowering. But you know what’s the most important thing here? Well is that we are capable of changing the program. And once we understand that we are free to rewrite the story of our life however we like. I love how Dr. Bruce Lipton explains this with a phrase dated 400 years by the Jesuits that says: Give me a child until its seven and I will show you the man.

During those first seven years we don’t have any filters so we absorb everything we see, we hear and we observe from the outside world. So that means in our daily lives we are actually operating with thoughts and beliefs that we learned during those first formative years. I mean are you kidding me?? Beliefs of I am not good enough, I am worthless, I don’t deserve love, I have to care for others all the time so I will be loved and validated. You see this now?? How old are we now? And we still operate within those limiting beliefs and negative programming we learned ages ago. There’s no one to blame about this. Our parents did the best they could with their own level of consciousness (that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t validate the anger, resentment, sadness we feel about this, we need to process them in a healthy way and to let them flow through our body). So when we receive that programing those beliefs go directly to our subconscious mind without any filters.

When a belief is repeated and validated it can become what is called a core belief. Core beliefs are our deepest perceptions about our identity they were installed in our subconscious often before the age of 7 as we already discussed. Though it may seem that our core beliefs are our own because of the constant practice without question they came from our environment remember that. When a core belief is formed we engage in what’s called a confirmation of bias. This is super important because the information that does not conform to our beliefs is discarded or ignored for information that does. If you believe you are unworthy and that you don’t deserve love you are going to see the stranger who flirted with you as a threat.

So what you believe to be true is what you are going to see. It's not about good or bad it’s about what you believe to be true.

RAS the subconscious survival.

We universally lean into something called negativity bias in which we tend to prioritize and therefor value negative information over positive. This is why we tend to forget all the positive things that happen to us and instead we see the negative ones. This bias is a product of our own evolution as a specie. In the early days of humanity we were much likely to survive if we focused on the things that could kill us rather than of the things that made us happy. Just like the autonomic nervous system fight or flight response (that we already discussed in previous posts) this bias is actually built in our operating system at a physiological level and its out of our conscious control. If we weren’t able to filter and prioritize our input we would be constantly overwhelmed by the onslaught of information coming at us. This subconscious filter is the work of the Reticular Activation System, (RAS) a bundle of nerves on the brain stem that helps us sort out our environment allowing us to concentrate on the things around us that we feel are essential. The RAS acts as the brains gatekeeper using beliefs formed in our early life to sift through incoming information and prioritize evidence that supports these beliefs in this ways the RAS actively recruits information that reinforces what we already believe to be true.

You see now!! You are only going to see what you’ve been programmed to see. So if you only’ve seen abusive relationships in life. Your brain is only going to see that and that’s what you are going to attract, not because there are not great people our there that will treat you right. It's the only thing you’ve seen so the mind is only going to let you see what you know to be true.

Oh my god!! You might be thinking to yourself right now am I right?? Well let me tell you some good news. There’s always a solution for every challenge my sweet children. Ok so first task at hand. You want to know what programming you have? Look at your life that simple. And how you reprogram your mind? One way is through repetition. Remember you have to do the same thing you did when you adapted those beliefs and how your subconscious mind did, again on of the ways is to listen to affirmations that repeat what you want to create and to listen them when you are sleeping or on a meditative state.

I am going to attach Dr. Bruce Lipton’s website below so you can see all the resources he has on his webpage. He has a lot! I hope this was informative and It helped. And remember:




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