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Holographic Universe Theory.

The concept of the Holographic Universe is that everything in the whole cosmos is present in literally everything. From any point or part of the universe you could get the information of the whole has been present in ancient civilizations. In the development of the holographic principle in standard physics we start this discovery of a concept with the famous American physicist David Bohm. Which thought of the implicate and explicate order of creation as this structure in which creation contained every piece of information of the whole in every point. Every region contains the total structure unfolded within it. He thought that all of the information of the universe would be present in every point. And this was described in his exploration of the holographic principle early on.

Now let's start this by defining what is a hologram. A hologram is an experiment or a set up in order to get a three dimensional projection in space. It's important to understand that the holographic principle of physics is called that way as an analogy. Interestingly word hologram comes from the greek word “holos” which means whole and “grama” which means message.

There is a huge difference between the idea of the universe being a huge hologram than only having a holographic principle. So how does a holographic image is produced? Well according to the website wordnik “The three-dimensional effect is produced by exposing a photographic recording medium to an interference pattern generated by a coherent beam of light (as from a laser) reflected from the subject, interacting with a beam directly from the source. The full three-dimensional effect requires illumination of the image with coherent light, but less perfect three-dimensional visual effects may also be observed when the hologram is illuminated with white light”. And what is very interesting is that if a hologram is cut into pieces each piece contains the whole views of the entire holographic image. Therefor the concept of the “Holographic Principle”.

Leonard Susskind (the head of the physicist department at Stanford University) with the help of other physicists developed a concept that is now known as the “Holographic Principle”.This concept according to the amazing physicist Nassim Haramein showed that the information that is falling into a black hole is holographically imprinted on the surface of the blackhole as plank vacuum fluctuation (ether). The mathematics and all the calculations were made and it actually gave the correct temperature for the black hole. So it was proven to be correct. So this only means that the information or entropy of a blackhole stays in the surface of the black whole. This information doesn’t disappear which would be a violation of one of the law of thermodynamics that states that energy can neither be created or destroyed.

Here is when things get interesting. One of my favorite physicists Nassim Haramein realized that this “etheric field” which he calls the plank field. Is made out of tiny oscillators at the plank scale so he says that we can visualize or think about them as if they were granular structures of space time. In Nassim’s case he realized that the granular structure of space time was not a 2D surface as as in the current holographic principle but that this grains were little spheres little particles and that they weren’t just in the surface of the black hole but on the interior of the black hole. Spacetime and the vacuum structure were not excluded from the inside of the black hole. Ok so what Nassim did next Is that he calculated how many planks were in the inside of the proton and when he finished the calculation he realized that the mass of all the little planks inside the proton added up to the mass of the universe precisely. So what he found out was that the information of the whole was present in each point. Thats why this is relevant. It proved this Holographic Principle.

So in conclusion of all this Quantum Mechanics information. All the information of the whole is embedded in everything!! Isn’t that awesome!! And by physicists proving this we now can see that we are all interconnected with each other and that at the end of the day we are just one. So let's start acting as one consciousness and create together the amazing world that we all deserve.



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